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Author Topic: Funny Acronyms (abrreviation full form)  (Read 22806 times)
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« on: June 19, 2009, 09:39:44 AM »

A-Hole - Not an Asshole as many of you think, but simply a Asymmetric Loophole
802.11g - 802 people buried 11 ft in the ground
PTPE! - Pterodactyl Themed Pornography Exist!
M.I.L.F. - Mother I'd Like to Fuck (no pun intended); Microsoft I'd Like to Filter-out; Microsoft Inter-dimensional Layer Format
MAC - My favorite type of burger.
OMFG - "Overweight Man Fucks Goat"
ADSL - Amazingly Dull Slow Line
ARPA - Assymmetric Research Project for Assholes-agency
ARPANET - ARPA's Asymmetric Research Project Assholes Network Entertainment Technology (see ARPANET)
BGP - Blasted Geek's Playground
LII - Laughing inside Internally
LIL - Laughing Intentionally Loud
BIOS - Birds in Outer Space; Biological Input/Output System; Bypassed Internal Operations System
IO - Input Overruled
CPE - Carrier Pigeon Equipment
DMZ - Dead Machine Zone; Destroyed Mainframes Zone; Dear Macintosh Zystem
DNS - Damn Nose Snails; Disastrous Network System; Deejay Noise Surround sound-system
DSL - Digestive System Laughs ("Burp"); Damn Slow Line; Destroy SPAM black-Lists
FTP - First Trucking Plan or First Toilet (plumbing) Pipline
FTW - For the wolf
FTEW - For the epic wolf
Gopher - A fuzzy animal that digs (seen in the movie Caddyshack)
HTML - Hot Toast Making Lizard or Higher Technological Masturbation Level
HTTP - Here's The Tubes Pipe or Hooligans Therapy and Treatment Protocol
HTTPS - Here's The Tubes Pipe... Shit!; Hitlers TeleTubbies Porn Stars; Higher Throne Technology of Productive Services
12/F/PA - Federal Bureau Investigation; 12 divided by F then divided by Pi and A
H.B.I.Y.C.? - How Big Is Your Cock?
D.Y.M.D.? - Do You Masturbate Daily?
D.Y.S.A.C.O.Y.W.H.? - Did You Snatch Any Children on Your Way Home?
I.L.Y.V.4.E. - i Love You Virus 4 Ever
IANA - Internet Addicted Nerd Association; Intentional Addiction of Networks Association; Internet Addiction Network Application (see MSN)
ICANN - International Convention of Applicable Nude Nerds; I CANN Has Cheezburger?; International Communist And Nazi Network (see SS, Hitler, Nazi and Gestapo)
IP - And so do you or Irresistible Poison (HP/DM Love story)
IMAP - Ingest More Apples, Posthaste; I Masturbate At-least Pro-actively; I Make Apple's Pie
ISDN - It Still Does Nothing; I Suck Dicks Naturally; Intentionally Slow Digital Network; International Scientology Digital Network (see Xenu)
JAVA - Juvenile Abominable Visual Aesthetics
Kerberos - Kinky ERotic BachElor Reservation Online Service
LAN - Local Atheist Nerd; LSD Abusing Nerd; Late at Night; LinkedIn Alternative Networks; Local Anal Network; Lieutenant Ass Nigga; List of Alternative Numbers
Macintosh - An Apple; A (leather) raincoat
MP3 - 1/3 sized Member of Parliament; A new subtype of the MP34 SMG (sub machine gun)
NAT - Nerds Alternative(s), Truncated or A little insect that buzzes in your ear; National Atheist Technology
NNTP - Naked Nerds Trying to Pick-up; Naked Nuns Trying to Prostitute
N00p's - Nerdy Overextended Overclocked Persons
OMG - Organization Mothers Group; Operation Mitsubishi Gospel; Overclocked Mainboard Graphics
Oracle - A proprietary system used to convert human souls into cash; Orgasm Ridicule Anal Computer Language Enslavement
POP3 - Pirates on Parade (times three); (in reverse order) 3 Prostitutes on Parade
PPP - Prostitutes Probing Pandas; Pornographic Protocol Pipeline; Pederasty Prostitute Product; Platonic Profile Page; Pastor Preach Product; Pacifist's Premier Praise
QOS - Quite overvalued shares; Q Operating System (see Q); Questions Of Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll
Q&A - Questions and Alternative questions; Quotes and Alliances; Qwerty-u, iop & Asdfgh; Quadruplicate ASCII
NWA - Nigga's Wit Attitude; Nuns Wit Attitude; Nerds Will Attribute (to wiki's); Necrophile With Analobsession; National Wiki Association; National World Apocalypse-league
RPC - Republic People's of China or Remote Protocol for system Compromise
Objective-C - Objectionable material sorted alphabetically under C
SGML - Some Gay Men lovin'; Some Guy Masturbates in the Loo; Some Gays Masturbating in Love; Standard God Markup Language (God Damn America, Damn It, Abomination, Leviticus, God Hates Fags, God Hates America, Hell, damnation, doom and the like)
SMTP - Slightly Moist Toilet Paper; Stalin's Masturbation Technique Protocols; Sexually-active Mothers Trying Pee-sex;
13/F/PA - Federal Bureau Investigation; 13 divided by F then divided by Pi and A
SNMP - Someone Needs More Porn or Semen doNations for M.I.L.F's & ex-Pornstars
SSH - Sexy Sexy Horse; Someone Somewhere does Heroin; Sell Sex Here
SSL - Secret Sex Lair; Secret Second(ary Love)Life; Secret Shotacon Love
TCP/IP - Toilet Connection Pipeline/International Plumbing; Telephone-line Connection Protocol/Internal Pipeline
TELNET - Toilet Elementary Lid-down Network; Telephone-line Enhanced Link Networked Entertainment Technology
IURTURG - If U Read This U R Gay
URL - Uninvited Rabbit License or Unintentional Root Layer
UUCP - User to Urinal Cake Peer; Ultimate User Copyright Protocol; Universal Urinal Computer Protocol
Objective-C++ - Objectionable material sorted alphabetically under C, in ascending order
VPN - Virtual Pornographic Network; Vatican Porn Network; Vesper Parody Nuns
WWW - Worldwide Water Works; Washington Wide Web; Wild West Waterworld; WorldWide; Windows Worldwide Web;
Objective-C-- - Objectionable material sorted alphabetically under C, in descending order
WOW - World of Witchcraft; World of Our Windows; Wii of Windows
XML - eXtraterrestrials Meta-verse Layer or X-rated Martian League
OOAO - Out Of Alphabetical Order; Orgasmic Overpowered Anal Operation; Organization Of Anal Operatives
SMD - Suck My .... well you know; Smash Military Dickheads; Sexy Mothers District
FLASH - Feelings of Lust As Summernudity Hopes rise
Computer Mouse - That little furry animal which feeds off your life force and sticks it's data transmission hub into the USB port of a computer.

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."
Mahatma Gandhi.
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